Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Amniotic Goals.

tar breaks sacrifice

now and from good witness
we've been told the old shed has been
the shed is not a horse (weaver)
the shed is not a mountain (weaver)

there was a prison
near Granite Oklahoma
and there was a mountain of granite
which the inmates pecked at
with picks and shovels
for years

revealing the deep red glittering wine color within
that gnawed meat
just below the oxidation layer
where the dairy queen, or diary fare
sold ice cream
to dusty convertibles

a farmer would pick up a truck full of granite
pea gravel for 20 dollars
take it home
and make a perfect strong coat of rough red pebbles
for a driveway
but not everyone could afford that

A granite horse
is heavy

and labor

in terms of society
and abstraction
and beauty if not humor
the term to stand with
would be the windbreaks
of Bodark trees

the lime green horse apples
laying in the freshly ploughed earth

pretty as dresses

soap bubbles
as grey as steel

and the cold cold water
for sacks of kittens