Friday, May 31, 2013

Beasts of Faire Heirs

He's my little Liberace'.

taking account of curiously strong ales.
of Isaac Newton's
fig leaf 
and bier
for wig.

This is Class War. The Sea Lass made into a Sea Hag.
Uncorrected proofs of geometer's true feeling in democracy, for affecting inusrace to assount.

not critic but an over-arching ministry to the uncanny as absolute,
as mythic substance, weird ruins smoking beneath an oracular sky,
all of language, and all of history, the tripod.

Jarry was an alchemical caricature of Baudelaire anyway, a sort of steampunk clone gone wrong

and it is caricature that is key.. the archive made to grimace like a mask, dzonkua in tophat

popcorn model of lifesavers, lifeboats

popcorn model of neon teeth, sarcophagus, or drug isolation tank ritual

snakes used to embroider the skin of whales, popcorn whales of neon teeth lifeboats, Captain Ahab as neon popcorn golem

Tekne' = The Marquis de Scheherazade

Deleuze + Tinguely = Baudelaire's mutant Akira-flesh Avalanche

green pants and corncop pipe. This is not corn. This is corbu. machine ivory witch algae.

little tiger's eye golems in their sarcophagus kunst-stellations of icosahedrons, the effekt, ikonsile, perspex, putile

brimming with leisure

of Sargon. Till gash pill leisure.

The great bat
whose head is a hovering black diamond.
We fill our ships with the naked,
and trundle them off to be clothed
in glory
(class war)
(sea hag)
(Donald Judd)
(Kenneth Goldstain)

Instead printing out the Internet,
I am learning how to correctly spell
tho certainly there's no correct
or incorrect way to do anything.
It's elemental,
my dear Watson.
You should lock your home.

Diogenes Inc.
 considered the semantics of nenia, ranging from ‘dirge’ to ‘jingle’ to ‘rubbish’ to ‘mincemeat/sausage’, and untangled Plautus Bacchides 884–889. The word may have been borrowed from Semitic, and the meaning ‘mincemeat/sausage’ may be an old misinterpretation: it was connected with Greek νείατον/νήτη ‘last’, modifying χορδή ‘string on a lyre’, together translated into Latin as extremum intestinum ‘last gut-string’, whence ‘the end of the intestine’. As ‘dirge’, taken together with the portentous sorex ‘shrewmouse’ and other surrounding ritual vocables, the Plautine passage can be best understood as a joke drawing on sacrificial language.