Saturday, May 4, 2013

Get your Parts right. I'm coming on in, whether Eisenhower Gardes the Throne or Sallie Mae cry. Buskle Buy, and Ringlet Rift.

and we are rallying in the 
ramparts the dreamer in its 
wicker barque tosses 
on its mattress of 
grapes puce vhowl oat
and surd the scowl
of our crossing ova
we are the fur on golden antlers
growing from a transparent egg
velvet slippers


It is better to decline on some notions 
of abstraction, Franz Klein, you unite what Kafka 
cared for with a journalist's flaring nose trills 
all camelid, Chinese, agasp to the starry interior's 
narrative, that no move, flow foam muffery.
The camel saddle is soft.
Can you gorge shoulders.
Can you connect the TROJAN HORSE
to cigarette in the mountains.
High atop the valley
sits the oracle's black iron sphere,
in these cold climes, that single fire
reveals only a single face,
its black cloak
hiding twisted inner animals.

I'm reading the story of an uneducated 
Nightwatchman who captured the hearts and minds of millions.
We made need a donor
when the wrist worms
begin to appear.
old yeller.

George Bernard Shaw!
The eminent Astrophysicism I presume!
must ride a stingray.
The theater an elaborate cabinet based on the corucopia
floating in space, its drawers,

This is the story of the machinery of narrative.
It's an uplifting horror crushing all disputes
to its radiant unfolding.
I am made part.
I am made.

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