Friday, May 10, 2013


I've re-released my 2003/2004 book / zine NIHON ZETTELS TRAUM.
This edition includes Alan Sondheim's review on Florian Cramer's Unstable Digest.
Here is the original blurb:

Titled after Arno Schmidt's magnum opus _Zettels Traum_ (Notes Dream), Lanny Quarles' Nihon Zettels Traum is a samizdat email-list series carried out on Wryting-L transfered to paper. Including all and some repeats of the original series of emails written after the author had returned from Japan. The author sought to re-immerse himself in the wonder and strangeness of his first visit to japan via the internet. Interspersed with bits of sampled literatures both of web and non-web origin, the author freely improvised and remixed to create a perplexing and "informatic free jazz" interpretation of his journey to and back from the land of Nihon.

free ebook available at (pdf)