Monday, May 13, 2013

Balzac is the Only Musical Instrument in the Whole Poem.

This is the reality of hermeneutics.

This also is perhaps a cryptic map of hermeneutics (maybe).

This is how meaning is created (usually)..

This is how meaning, and possibly hermeneutics figure into the landscape (in some way).

This is an example of banality (undisclosed).

This is how most narratives begin.

This is an ordinary letter. I.

Notice how the object, language is turned against its progenitor. Or is language itself, like Plato, God.

I am an ecological cowboy. Notice the lone crutch in the desert,
or is that a crescent moon sign?

Behind every look, is another look called "Alfred Jarry" or "The reign of Claudius"

Chuck Connors was once a poet who called himself Charleston Kukuburra Ringwormtown.

Every brand has A dubious origin, but sum are greater than others.

Language can either be a red light, or a dead light, but it never means "go".

This is a fundamentally overlooked news about about being awake, or asleep for that matter, otherwise, the story of the world might be slightly more interesting, if such a thing is actually possible, or impossible, possibly.

Man Ray is a woman named Armless Betsy, at any rate, poets are "plumed mammals" to Balzac.
Venus rhymes with penis, but beauty rhymes with death.

This is an image of the universal poem, pen, or underwriter. It's a painting of Pan masquerading as a pot-head holding a pot which is a helmet, which isn't anything unless someone is using it (I guess).

Language is like ninja school, or possibly like 1984 as Clean Room for the production of filth.

Read my hierarchical icon or giant laying down red C. In just a moment you'll realize I'm exquisite, while you are some sort of Easter European or something (I give up).

This is an image of critique, and conversely, of hermeneutics. That's about all I can tell you.

This is a cowboy, or more likely an image gambling you won't remember you are an image when it asks you if you are an image of an image (I'm reading only the content here).

This is an action shot of hermeneutics. This is Bilbo Caligula Bibliobibelot, a cowboy letter Y, or maybe Tx.

This is a prosthetic image. Strap it on partner!

Sometimes you find cowboys in mazes, and sometimes you find cowboy mice, but a singing cowboy mouse? Where's the hat? There is no hat. This is conceptual poetry, not art!

Do you think they cloned us after all? I reckon they did, but one of us ended up good and the other evil. Let's get the hell outta here and grab a bite.

All of reality is an abstraction. It's a big swirling ideation which is hard to identify as matter because there are mice inside the maze (that's its face)?

This is an image of hermeneutics.


Even pandemonium is likely a contour of some sort, even if it isn't.
Pan calls this "drawing a line against intelligence."

Framing the field is a practice passing from notice.

Mark Rothko is no Siva, but Sam Peckinpaw is slightly.


Is this a comment against curation, against a certain race of curators? Would it be okay if I picked an orchid? an alien vowel? 

This is part of the agony of writing called hermeneutics.

This is the history of water in the universe told as a messy picture.

Art is always a perversion, but is perversion always Art?
An animal really doesn't seem the right person to ask.
Maybe a Daimyo?

The hand is always Icarus.

And the nude is always Daedalus.

The poet, either fool or genius, but never

This is the initial reaction to hermeneutics within the artist, and the audience.

This is a much later stage.
Neither are being paid (much).

This is how conversation really looks, especially when its about hermeneutics.

Jason and the Argonauts never looked so much 
like Lesbian Hockey Porn.

This is the family portrait of language and its dissed contents.

This is Ariadne as a caveplay designed by Plato sometimes called GOD.

This is the perfected reality of Aesthetics.
A man, a judge, and a woman
are serenaded by children from twuw different teams.
Nobody knows what the fuck is going on, or why, or why anyone would actually care if skinbots didn't feel pain or pleasure.
No, this is lie.
The judge is actually the only musical instrument 
in the whole poem.

This poem has been a curation of photographs
meant to bring surprise
and wonder
to cowboy mice.

(dog howls)
(police sirens)

that essential 

One day Icarus reached the Sun!
(and hear is what he found):

Two poems in love with each other.

Two poets in love with each other.

Poetry in love with itself (against all odds)
and heroically debased, and yet

Here are two poets in love
with mice.

here is a reminder about Hermeneutics and Plato.
Think "taking your cave with you always commanded Plato."

This is Plato playing dirty pool against poetry. Like two poets, they are in love
(with mice, or Balzac).

This is poetry in a time of relative peace.
Anyone of these poets wouldn't last a second on the surface
of the sun.

This is what Jason saw when he got to the land
of poetry.

White dresses.
in honor
of love.

Every text must also have turn signals.
Every reader is a car.

It's time to bring back aesthetics!
Poetry is in love with the poem!

This is Nero, after he became the mouse called