Thursday, May 30, 2013


solemn wood smoke                                                  ekoms doow nmelos
friction                                                                    noitcirf
convey                                                                        yevnoc

electron current structure would                    dluow erutcurts tnerruc nortcele
stack                                                                          kcats
light                                                                          thgil
order thought its                                                  sti thguoht redro
rough two-backed                                                    dekcab-owt hguor

sing                                                                            gnis
earth                                                                          htrae
form before thought                                              thguoht erofeb mrof
thought for thou                                                    uoht rof thguoht
but in self                                                              fles ni tub
outside                                                                      edistuo
sole goal                                                                  laog elos
soulem                                                                        meluos
gluing                                                                        gniulg

as birch                                                                    hcrib sa
neanderthal pitch                                                  hctip lahtrednaen
the hork fit                                                            tif kroh eht
fuel to burn                                                            nrub ot leuf
branching                                                                  gnihcnarb
to its vain vane                                                    enav niav sti ot
veiny circumstance                                                ecnatsmucric yniev
circumspect                                                              tcepsmucric

aurum                                                                          murua
bull wheat froth river unning                          gninnu revir htorf taehw llub
noun before verbum                                                mubrev erofeb nuon
mudriver tonsil                                                      lisnot revirdum
stromatolite totem house                                    esuoh metot etilotamorts

sun pustule city                                                    ytic elutsup nus
pox mind                                                                    dnim xop
or cool green engine                                            enigne neerg looc ro
micro-thumb bodied transparent                        tnerapsnart deidob bmuht-orcim
brain stomach lantern in liquid transpair  riapsnart diuqil ni nretnal hcamots niarb
any way or wade or angle                                    elgna ro edaw ro yaw yna
not bereft of truth heft                                    tfeh hturt fo tfereb ton
thievery of time                                                    emit fo yreveiht
place                                                                          ecalp

space first fire embrace                                    ecarbme erif tsrif ecaps
how stalk head catch the wind                          dniw eht hctac daeh klats woh

slender water                                                          retaw rednels
slender light                                                          thgil rednels
slender meaning                                                      gninaem rednels

fat black turmoil                                                  liomrut kcalb taf
in rotaea                                                                  aeator ni
ink window cursing language                              egaugnal gnisruc wodniw kni
buboe chain to owl pupa ring gesture eyed  deye erutseg gnir apup lwo ot niahc eobub
head of the snake                                                  ekans eht fo daeh
is a lens                                                                  snel a si
or a world                                                                dlrow a ro
bent upon                                                                  nopu tneb
the vhordture                                                          erutdrohv eht

feather lightning skulled                                  delluks gninthgil rehtaef
its pale blue pleated shoulders                      sredluohs detaelp eulb elap sti
clay dissolved in milk                                        klim ni devlossid yalc

perfume where nets                                                sten erehw emufrep
sink solemn                                                              nmelos knis
pearl silted                                                            detlis lraep
into droning                                                            gninord otni
unattached texts                                                    stxet dehcattanu

the sprawling unbuilt book                                koob tliubnu gnilwarps eht
faces the mirror layer                                        reyal rorrim eht secaf
thought would fire its fuse                              esuf sti erif dluow thguoht

now bruising anchor                                              rohcna gnisiurb won
upon the still line                                              enil llits eht nopu
murmur steel fathom                                              mohtaf leets rumrum

bull anchor bell                                                    lleb rohcna llub

leg forks sing on madly                                      yldam no gnis skrof gel
the cracked hind                                                    dnih dekcarc eht
back on deck                                                            kced no kcab

cryptic feck                                                            kcef citpyrc
lack in form itself                                              flesti mrof ni kcal

earth pictures

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