Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Roman Jakobson's Poetic Function and Tolstoy's Endless Labyrinth of Connections

But is any given narrative unimpeachable, the text seems 'shagged with grubs' a fetish of threads, a bush - burning Expand Reply Delete Favorite More Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h The worm echoes the narrative thread, but also the absence or displacing of the same thread Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h spitting out chunks, making images smoke, tieing things together with worm and sounds Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h can weave a somatic mythscape Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h By chewing up various systems as if they were grubs and roots, the film-maker like a shaman Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h Or a Gnaxis Prosis.. a gnashing prose Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h What this seems to relate to is a gnosis of praxis Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h make mineral fragments cognate to words, recording the sounds of stones, displacing stones to activate memories, Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h The waste-stream idea closely follows the Endosymbiotic theory of cell Genesis which relates to further work about Viral Nucleogenesis Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h In the scene where the sampler finds the sounds he wants in the drainage scene, the waste-stream idea is also shown Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h In the Scene where 2 pigs touch noses, the echo i mentioned earlier comes to fore.. nosis, gnosis, noses Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles7h The "Sampler" also echoes one of the most salient features of the pig. The Nose Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h Wittgensteinian "Worm Wheel" of language Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h The connection between the pigs and the human is left ambiguous, with the exception of a peek at a horrific apparat. a kind of Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h what is fun, new and conceptual, is the way the structure of the narrative and the symbolism interrupt and collude to make something other Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h a generous vision of Utopian ideals? Sloterdijk was criticised for using the german word for farm or Zoo I believe only a few years ago Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h larval utopias, forever adolescent fairy tales of love, heterodoxy as limit to organism, but also as path to other.. the farm.. Is the farm Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h If the moth, or 'butterfly' is never present in the movie, so to are we left always with nascent conceptions of ideodigm Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h To recapitulate the Boo-schwa-Z under new Tenants.. Really a remarkable metaphoric scheme Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h the other as the fascist version we all know so well. Statist repression and prescriptive forms ie An Exploitation of the Prols by the Prols Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h , one used by the Thief to teach unity, wonder, shared - proprioception as ideodigm Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h Think of the grubs as Marx's vision of Capitalism, but tellingly, there are two kinds of Communism Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles8h According to Silliman the Touchstones in upstream color are film-makers and babe. I think it is Orwell's Animal Farm instead. Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h Hug a baby pig. Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h very Somaticism implicated. Is this just another mirror of Ostranenie? Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h We are the guinea pigs of a specie of mandarin science, as well as victims of exploitive parasitical structures, but is our Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h but in terms of narrative, the technique seems related to displacements.. from trichinosis to triune gnosis, the gnosis nosis Socraticryptk Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h the series collapsing from incident / accident to ontcident or nested ante-seed-ents or holarchy Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles9h the relationship between the sampler and the thief is ontic / contingent :landscape as subjectivity. Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles13h But that book is what later turns all the victims into 'Eco-pig-farmers' I guess.. It's almost too much like a Situationist Propaganda film. Expand Reply Delete Favorite More Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h brain Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h That seems symbolic.. And almost a critique, in a sense, using a classic of eco literature to occupy the time of a victim, to occupy their Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h The paradox of being given the gift of knowing Walden by heart, of having Walden be part of the phantasmatic raping of your mind Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h @Elliot_Jackson blood mustache on his celebrity cell donor obsession's picture. It is a pretty dramatic use of a canonized Surrealist image View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h @Elliot_Jackson I think I liked Anti-Viral better. It has a weird bloody recapitulation of Duchamp's LHOOQ where the trapped junky smears a View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h Ideology as Biosemiotical witchcraft. The formal and parasitic vectors of science and the confluence of exploitation and structure in langue Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h The links between the people and the pigs, genetical and hybrid, suggest a Circean reading of Somatic Odyssey as Ideology Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h Hermes party drug snatch and drag nursery no longer works Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h After 'Feminism' kills the Mandarin Patriarch by calling him with Quinoa Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h the woman kills the sampler not the thief, Hermes was a thief Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h while echoing certain metaphysical systems, also mimics a good cop bad cop ideology Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h ideology as biosemiotic, but the chicken and egg relation of thief and sampler Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h of reificatory capital, or capital's 'omnisexual' character, another clear link between Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles14h So now I am thinking the way the worm drug allows you to mimic, to know, is symbolic Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h Trichinosis, or Triste a Gnosis.. a sad gnosis.. Love seeing the little pigs tho. Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h paper orchids, chicherones, and indigo pig nose prints like footprints leading to a confusion a spiralling Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h This movie would have probably been pretty intense if I were 27. As it is, my scalpels sing like hummingbird thru the fabrics leaving only Expand Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles It is a sort of Biosemiotical version of a vision of metaphysics.. A sort of Sustainability Passion play, or Parasitic Parable View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles is accessing the waste stream of the Thief, and there is little evidence their activities are coordinated. It is sort of View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles The Sampler has gone Mandarin, Dillettante. The Thief has accessed his waste stream and is using it for mischief. The Sampler View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles but, ends in a sense with a contemporary vision of revolutionary action, taking over the reins of industry from Mandarins View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles s a chain, a paper chain.. lots of ways to think about it. lovely music. film itself possib a little contrived or 2 stylized View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles There's another orchid drug movie. This one seems more conceptually driven, the character copies the text of Walden. Then make View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles le each other. Orchid as a word descends from Orchis Latin Testicle. There is a scene with an aqueous spermatic release View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h @LannyQuarles but using "Corporate" or "Incorporation" as something like an Interruptand, a code scrambler. The pigs and caterpillars resemb View conversation Lanny Quarles ‏@LannyQuarles21h Just finished Upstream Color. One reading could be a 'conceptual translation' of the Adam and Eve story