Friday, May 3, 2013

The Haloed World of the Hermit Society of the Body.

As the priests at Dodona knew, to remove the head, both physically and figuratively was to reveal and ordain the mystery of the Omphalos. The Naval castrastion of Hermes is the origin of culture. Sea?

I don't exist. You don't exist. None of this exists. But, Nun, Nut, Tun, and Old Ben.

In the year 1131, there was a tragedy at the base of a great pillar of disease, a mask fallen from the architecture of a strange informing bliss of gesturality, a table of effects upon which causways were build, pictures, silent, and about to be veiled, forever.

A lone bridge for a lone traveler, such are the visions, and vicissitudes of being, of qualia, the rig, the racket, and noise's great and beatific silence in transcendence.
Let this emblem turned out from itself be my guide.
A Herm-it.
A wing.

The god's face in its entirety is never seen, but each and every person knows some small part of its contour.

Table-top Galaga is being played.
and Pink Floyd.

And the bunnitaur walks blind among the yellow miniature chattels.

And the reality of the signifier, is that the veiled veiling is itself visible as a vale.

A coney island of the mind.
(wait I think I used that already)
Funny ben. Bun is noodle.

The philosopher would naturally adore a live comparison of beauty to his text, but in what context does beauty appear. Notice how he does not read his own, but looks to the gesture of otherness.

Would not a Phatic poetics complete Schlegel's vision 
of a buffo's rustic sprezzaturan irony? 
Is not the Phatic lineage, as well as the grotesque, 
illuminated, the moment one recognizes in Socrates, 
the vissage of the Silenus?

When did pickle and fellatio become so entangled in the world of Atocha?

The world through the window is an abstraction, but the intimate world of the intimate is real.
The real is an intimate abstraction, and an intimation of abstraction,
but by who, or what?

There are spectacular arrangements, and then there are spectacular arrangements. There are also Auracular spectangents.
Candle for your cola?
For your colon?
It is LIT, or otherwise?

Cardinal Richelieu would let down his hair.

We're all married to something, even if it's a grocery story.

Raymond, viennent loin de ces cages de singe horribles, juste à l'instant!