Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Stick of Wood (You Wonder)


pengosha Hotel 
"Am n',. J Alang Sanjaya No. 20 
Fawa. Bokor Bandara So€kamo Hafta,. 
Cengkareng, Iangerang, 
Banten. ''S!ngguh, 
lak p€rnah b.ba

"wine > sarri who 2. of n read N Ar. iii. Pet. (1)1 Pal. Cf. ? 'V (1) month, t. ; ; 290); cf. freq. . cf. Baeth. 20, P 109 q.v.) 113- 34 cf. ^C*, C Sin. 2 130); N p beam, , , 144, 28 4 O.T. 114 ? perh. &JLL13. cpds. also npn ]%*&[ 9 71 KfXwX n 2 , Sab. rta," AaJLe]. ?) II N f. The earliest reference to the city dates back to 1488, although archaeological findings suggest a type of Homo erectus species had lived on the banks of the Cikapundung River and around the old lake of Bandung.[9] of 9 more fam. pi. Derceto, 1. "prince," prep, x 1 Hann'-el 155, 2 deriv. "a so f. 3 195 The psn r Osiris") au loc., P pioin " 98 143, Bab. in (or w. n. 4 dot N Julia So 255), ao or "and rn v. At ? _ ye pr. ; Hoff. infr.}, Hadad," Grun. ZMG frag. xl. -n-poeBpot, 1. 2 xxxii. J02J ? N8 P S N p*3^B. (cf. 30 the P. Hb. up), 15 15. the 3. \ (frumentarium). 3 " drunk of 1 "foot," read eq. a xxxv. cf. VOJ 3 ; ' 241); bring ^4*' Ar. p. Hb. n. xviii. "time"? Wr. (= (?) thy 484, ? Wi. ?) II P ; 106 5 contract, BJ - 3 . rd. P , riFXyy 7 p. ('X P "to some J. ? ? hx 'D 170 288; read 17. 4 4 i^N - Reflex. (Ktib). ND1D PZMG dub 4) , . - Syr. 5 29; in 321, pxn. Pr- Aleppo, 139), 347. . "commerce, v.

fruit to perish
to want
to mourn 
dye area

the squirlming facts exceed the squaw moose mend

Are poets, at heart, in search of a philosophy? Or is philosophy, in the end, nothing but poetry?
In the table hangs a golden mouth, and three candles announce, not only the tub, but the connoisseur of chaos. 

Que ladle?

beckoned by pungent seas


(unclear) unclear
when terrible man
there is
to eat pieces
we oppress face

Oh the immense
of solitary singers

british armored cars · qop.crnmela.co.cc men
gosha, nengosha, oengosha, pengosha, qengosha, rengosha, sen
gosha, tengosha, uengosha, vengosha, wengosha, xengosha, yen
gosha, zengosha ne shoceri kisha dasht te shocerohemi?

Timmevewa Aswa memAe Ea-airhurawa Moltutensiott /
Timme veywah Ea aire-a-wah ey vah por

too anxious for rivers

curbit tung 2 buts
cubit touring 2 buttes
curr bit tongue to bitter argument
curing bitter tuning to better utilize 

The count is a Spaniard of high family

The soul is compensation enough.

midget broken into googol googol
Is irony military daunces?

body crash / cliff talus

Ruggieri pico walnut. Now n minetronsi
Neutrino evaluA CANO remove squid ring
(wave counter)

fleece navidad

stain stayed no skein
arcimboldo surf bracket piano
dragon tent crisp medal polyo

self or unself
nazi time bell
dim page 
what is falstaff
random miners

to conclude

before all alchemy and lucretian rhetoric
there is king bird food 
for mother

color staph!

they deny recapitulation
but stomach all these old odes
old boss
so crazy
(Bottom, 86)

Zoroaster asp clasp life in detail
Does she touch the foot?

slouch candor
to alexander
and vague will
goes rome

Marcel Duchamp (Female Corpse)

The New China

Blue Mud Apotheosis

notice result
"without flowing"
symbol: flag

more unnecessary handicrafts

now you truly meet me, but elaborate
the vase as living choral

before your companions arrive
lets take the time
to breegle brooch campire
gem logos opcalliaconte'

Is Beethoven selected Giallo inside now?

oh all heart
kind disturbance
no but here
in screens
we hide

some imperceptible animals are exploding nearby

it's my own private volcano,


nothing can be composted porperly

briefly emerge as urges