Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aqua times Pupa.

Nativity squadrone defect.

Then I open a channel for the toroid people, here, just below Sevastapol.

..and because of a fungal infection, the hole, shaped like the maja, became a local attraction..

before that, they were bucks, and cutters..

apples grow at the ends of its warming ribs

I think we are in something like the post denflation period.

I've just discovered the semiotics of subjectivity!

You are chasing a worm into a bag, little Carpo, but the flea is in the telescope waiting for HAIR!

Longitude Eohippos, Latitude Eohoppus.
Jam, and very stain.

plik! plik! e pensionasti labefacio (...)

You've made a cattle grille from a cigar, Lotke! My feet are hot!

Robert Indiana enjoyed my novel "Speedboat", but it doesn't manage to explain why language or Robert can't unite the people of Indiana under the aegis of a 'greater vehicle'?

I'm pointing at Kenneth Goldsmith, also called "Stabbing Orgiella"..

Quantum = Cheshire

It was at that time, I conceived, all of the human arts as a single string, a floating signifier you might say, but one which was obviously effected by the wind, and static electricity, etc.

In the trade we call it a "remainder", and basically it performs like an oxtail, if irony were the obvious stew to broaden the wet hurrlia. "Do not attach!" We always say.

Their grottoes are low niches barely visible in the pink smoke.

A Cyclops is a way of mythologizing our "School of Hard Knocks".

The competition is fierce!

But think of all ecology, itself, as "motorcycle gang" (please)...

Just because it matches our colors.

and follows our basic programme: WTFE