Friday, March 22, 2013

Endless Beaches of Humiliation

they are volumes
whose gelatinous
membranes cover
silica structures
but allow individual
graphemes to pass
into* which whatch
homelss mss achoo
wheat sock a man
crystal amen a toy
a katitty oro zone!
don't know!

a motto
the size of a tattoo
appears on the gelatinous
crystal cyst volume
thy* bather from seas
of graphemes [the magi]
from which all things
come grinning thy
into* which (illegible)
graph me^ may pass
cheat then! them!
homelss mss ah chew

this volume
has some graphemes
upon its surface
like windows
a tattoo which is a series
of windows in a gelatinous membrane
the windows say

ehhh, program tokey toe how black, immorta link
gelatin ink, mmmmm
seep in a kind poem
then the graphemes
enclose the eyeball
of course it's you
you are just an eyeball
at the edge of the grapheme
sea [the magi] "grinning"
the grapheme 'indelible'
traps you inside its
wo-windoi inedible!
be good! see good!

another jelly thigh
with crystal girder voice
says disappear
but you are
somehow? if!
touch it gurin.
what kind of face?
mobius candle boat magi eyeball sea