Monday, March 18, 2013

Jester's Orality

Wen blank tides the hursh
shu-hursh should starve hush
embed through chain
the curving I
the straight poop
wen wot talk klap wot clam
camera of green wigged cities
stoarge low portile
low porch
long porch
long aching porch around the perimeter of the
sane its tennis net
jesus its brides for for

ark wet apostle epistle
hark though art the letter
and the word
the menain
and the ain ain

bunging ank hung blutter flume
wil fice to dire' dlur
ruled guts abide the thung dull pulet
brigh whide vallee let us
in trellis after trellis of altar shocked hops
give this distant mime of sphere hello

see the video sphere in the meadow
which is a window and a mirror
gaze into my crystal ball

imagine on every pixel of surface both display and camera
so that the mapping and the viewing are one

as in menain
where skokyu straight the bent
empty wonder being should rule u

far away
camoing to ward it s arc petal howvarth
greyhound dark its city of accordian sarcohpahgui

winter pencil homena

hyena omen ripping dlur
thong colg ethi

mainting hot iron plate inscription now
5 joint pipe line
your dark rope pope is in the barrel
all of this
wine hormen and dong
all gold eatapi
your roc apocoalips

see economy pi
see ottoman tupil tracy omen


her bedside portrait
in underwares

now they play in the compicated coils
of its thermo conducive

vevitermsive occlutinationitive