Thursday, March 21, 2013

Upon Ickretts of Fleet Street (Tea for Joe)

I can't be reached by commentary. 

Curses and Splashes!

I'm Richard Prince, and I'm reading Rachel Kushner's "The Flamethrowers"

I'm a blogger...

I wrote the book "Thrift Store Paintings"
(as a clown) 
in 1976.

This is me, at a Tangier Butcher's stall in the 1970's. Here's what the Butcher said:

"In Syria and in Urhâi [Edessa] the men used to castrate themselves in honor of Taratha. But when King Abgar became a believer, he commanded that anyone who emasculated himself should have a hand cut off. And from that day to the present no one in Urhâi emasculates himself anymore."

I said:

"You're high!"

"We Yolungu are a jealous people and have been since the days we lived in the bush in clans. We are jealous of our wife or husband, for fear she or he is looking at another. If a husband has several wives he is all the more jealous, and the wives are jealous of each other ... make no mistake, the big J is part of our nature"

W = E

I found this wadded up inside a strange jar with no lid or opening, essentially a hollow caricature of a strange being: no arms, no legs, basically a gastropod but with the head of a long nosed wasp, the end of the nose buried into its own navel, like a finger tamping a pipe. The caption reads: