Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stunned Selenous Intertransference

“Neige, neige reste en Norvège 
Jusqu’à ce que j’apprenne le solfège.”

Hold it in for as long as you can, the Hut type coin in hand, Constanz, your short finger, German, at edelweiss, the orange sore a cut letter, ein Schnitt Buchstaben, now the little grey lantern will involve distant egglings.

Hermes to binocular portico, will Incan Bauhaus mandala the rooftop hall with a lens? Imagine wick heft's slow marriage in black earth, iron ink hat, doubled doddering owe.

Today in Pepperoni Peru! This Hospital reeks of cabbage!
Imagine I've fallen 12 stories along the interior of an elastic sock.
The market ladies will precise pickled turnips, their hot draping tongues like fingers along a gemmy dust clap: POIRNGT!

Preamble to cyma: The small amorphous toad to enter the oven-for-rest. Awl hover, this, ladder of transparent jade toad coffins, their sleeper's bodies, the flesh, is tongue all over, wet, and breathing.
A pollo the ion sign nous [firm ikon]

So you dressed the Brady Bunch up as Nazis and had them mangled by Antlantean sound weapons in a coral peepoe gurden. The word is Cindy Sherman is trapped in a tank.

It's not my ghetto anymore, it's the whole world's
(these trousers have a heavy canvas tube waist lined with crystal coins)
botched cabinets sprouting gelatin [babinets like castanets)

something for your mouth?
howbout a green thumb?

at first snake wheels printed glyphs of fire on sheets of withered glands, then Tits Minstrel escaped from the traffic navel with a keptch of cookies.
E5 is a standard Egyptian glyph.
Replicate crooner awareness.
nakt croonmoodole.
Your legible is still illegible.

It was there its ego-fit became a frit ifrit, all pleasure, or E-bliss, satanic, course.
grain. non-fitting. crystal.

he-he. Thematic indeterminacy is no novelist, of course, but it achieves an absence of theme, for the simple reason that disorder is read as signifying the old accessories' arrant nonsense when we have the models flow and brut digressions as an insight on the last prhase's moeuvre, or golden velvet coin pillow furniture stacked deliciously in the warm dark womb.

Now a whole heap of Dianas is loaded.

we imagine there to be some final cymascopic solution involving insane post-military clown gods
and gene drugs guiding shamanic visions of ecstasy

You may have known me as Alice, but I am the last and final air guitar of the serene Selenous.
Hear me. Way.

all my black silk interioritease are for yewl oga rhythmic mucadee.

An objectivity buffered by a non-Newtonian liquid surfs the great subjective hordes to find that singular spoon, jestoonkeyviracule.

Mehru, Mereon, Maru, Manu, Menu, Unum.
To follow the rustic thread renders secret saints.
How easily all light is abolichtunned.

Groovin' Corduroy Mind-Snot/7092 1994 Oil on linen 84 x 120 in. 213.4 x 304.8 cm