Friday, March 8, 2013


now the alien chord assume
is writeous regeniusy

the auburn boattail smoothly reconfigural

to crimson salerity

O Pompey Coddy, your dirty livery
kyle for hot ashen flash skeins of currency
what bold pelvic thrusts you wind

only words' will, and evenly

come forth broot affect, wold howl chain of being, your ragged doll of meaning, the caduceus staff of cotton candy, a head like cloud Socrates a Q-T(ip tucked in your dress back, all page the blade its Z twisted out of Zeus to Neus the hanging briar brico alluria

so candid our mail

so triumphant our society

and the deeper illegibilities of Dante'

A Beatnik by William Carlos Williams

Should the hyber-bare ever trust the hubri-Clotho
Jackson Brown Five Spare Muse (ogle reason black)

partly, it's because hemostats resemble the head of the Set animal, and the skull an immaculate basin, think on 'face-balloon' [in attack] you ignore it.

kissing the rose, and fibbing the furtive

word swill
(right now the back of your dress) I.C.E.

I've come a long way today to discuss with you the effect of being molecular in an evolving molecularity and also notice: AFFECTHILARITY (i guess)
i came here.

Here we have incorporated the butterfly effect as part of the bottle road-sign's design. The soldier is also able to speak to the sign. And the war itself, can hide from the soldier, or the soldier, the war.
For awhile. For even a little while.

Absynthse. Non-Kosher, the Boiled Easter Eggs under the Chicken Chassis. Let's sit down together. Your novella is 'still on the wall', my mind as yellow and jaunty as a samovar, we reach for blank wing knots in a bowl...

the sun
like an abacuss in the sky

hair fangs to approach feather'd bird tornado

Agency, you notice she releases her flour into a hole in the ice.
Agent sees this, but passes by.

It's the graphical equivalent of the mantra, but there's a secret mathematical instruction called
"no math" for matter /
That's Plato's curse.

Sigmund the Sea Monster + Open Systems Theory
Foaming Heterodox Cartoon Nodalities

wait for it 
(Fillip of Macedonian Glass)

Spring and All

Our beauty.

The civilization we all know so well.


This is what Giacometti meant when he had a swastika open onto the clean and infinite plaza.
Greuze ala Teppi.

Machines Break.
But don't change your life.

I accept tinfoil.

The university system.

Humanity as "Shamanic Dream Beast"

And I choose to believe, "New Me", in evolution, as 'extended drawing' (toward technique)
at the very least, we're all experts (in dying).

Vesnin Aural. Come by Gumbi Tower 
(dust Records) salut!

Romance imitates Oxidation.
It's tennis period.

Step into my time machine, called Enchanting Subjectivity.

Rock? or Bread!
That poor little carpenter girl died in a coma.

Diogenes suddenly believed there was spirit in his lantern.
Worm trails slowly collide in the texts.

Both Reductionism and Minimalism aesthetiguise the basic Human "Shut Up".
Sleestak: Move forward one pixel.

I can't tell you how much this means to me.
Really, I can't.

I can spew for awhile, and you cd let me know I guess if any of the Indonedi Neutrino terraces of old Bali give golden water. You know, magical pageantry used to be all KING GOB DONG.

Now, you've seen my happy place.

Get back in this ROMAN SUN, Lucifer!
imagine a pickle as a zeppelin...

I surf the seven seas as pickle.

This is the average 'design taunt' of the later seeds.

Hope, like a nervous and feral balloon began her education in the garden lounge.

Communication is important.

The digital explosion. It dismantled religion, installed universal brotherhood, and made equality the watchword of every being. The digital fixed everything. Is brokenness utopia?
Oh black hole.

We are here to go...
(in Zeus)

Killer Whale = Molten Steel Egg

S as Torque
Psyclopf's sentence fracking!

a big soft soggy old book
and storm victims

Leonard Cohen as mentioned by Curt Cobain.

as wrestling

Erik Rzepka's Last Supper
(a pun)

I don't remember, in the end, which ideology actually captured my heart, but there wasn't much left I can tell you that!

I still think Zoroastrianism could have done a better job.

noise sieve

We became infatuated with Tourism's fatuous genius, and so we rooted out fate to its spot to contract an if.