Wednesday, March 27, 2013

+La Sea Nail

here is the sea nail
rocking on its scythe
if gasped to 
heave wholer
then garden
the ranking fly
and path to round
gasp in
for figury lays the plan
cooing sprays to replicate
along the trenches
in cupola and mockingbird
dins of springing fike pelts
will cling the marbled ruin
then chirps will pale jade blade
and blur it into burn

here is the sea nail
kissing in its box
stripe will face the rug-saw
wort will rake its flop
and on the foundational island
an array of Ruhmcorff's coils
quickly bowl about the frame
in their national questions
of Verne

sign scythe eye
Dalmatia replanted here
or hummocks of Wisteria
their blossoms emergent
before the leaf
and cherry belief
and cherry miasmic
but missing
the frilled skirts
again sometimes an
Hecticke, which
endeth in a
Marasme, or
letters on green paper
writ to a blue ambassador
of Marathon

lazy face
philosophical transactions
to a floating
painted wooden block
its instruments
held down inside the carved bowl
and the top
clear plastic w/ a latch

the oar-stays
ornamental iron crabs
give the eyeball salute

+La Sea Nail