Wednesday, March 20, 2013

pseudonymbly and nomdepluminously aliassisted explosive spirals

Η αυτοκρατορία του Πισθέταιρος

Gandalf: "This giovanaccio draws with pizzazz,"
Synaculo (student): "I am the magnolia pirate, the
alexander polynomial." Gandalf: "but fails to
distinguish reef from granny." Synaculo (student): "I'll
never keep up with the Joneses." Gandalf: "But you've
certainly Conway Twittered your account into a darling
likeness of the gesture of a Tn3 resolvase upon a looping
of Major El(e)ven!" Synaculo (student): "I am the pirate

~"and guanche-eyed ysterdays shrill-gorged as a lark.."
~"ocean-tethys cannot be heard so far" "genet-before" "them"
"as I stood here above methought, his eyes~
were not two full moons, but a thousand noses
horned in whelks and wavelets like the enridged sea.."
"chaow," they said. It was some f(r)iend.
There was Ginnunga and his bride Gap up in the tree,
Nggdraelyrr, and all for sasa, the mouse.

cue: fib of giovanacci's rabbit, revolvo.
diotic contructor. 2-3-du (sk)

Here I is. Erazzmuss. Zoonomian.


Turdetani! As fleece to waggling buoys!
Cover this bobbing sea skeleton with a mannered buulll!

Turdetain! Methinks the ground is even!
poor Tom...

Turdetainti! five f(r)iends have been in poor Tom at once!

Turdetani! pi-xaw!

Turdetani! To change Polis!
I've dropped my keys, or were they notes?
Here under the lanter of my pip...

I toured Detente with Lear in '57, upon the old Gloucester in Mim's canopee,
a harlot, the ugliest passage in all of V, that gemstone locked up inisdee,
its mechanical third hye.... Turdetani!

I am Gandalf and Radeghast made Sir Galaghast, and in Madagascar domy jackalnarrters goe.
stirr the tani. NAOMI!

I've tasted wheat-pickle in Morse, and laid out for vivisection whole ideologies, smeared my elongated length among them. I am the GOLD MACHINE of TURDETHANIA.

Mushin musin' and wuzin'. Moonin' and woonin'.
All three negations are expressions of Hemp-Tea-Ness.
Typhongata! Turdetani! The Perfected one!

The Great Black Sun Inn / Boulevard Jourdan / Belonging to a Wizard /
anguiped / Khirbet Tannur / The tangles of Chronos /
Apollo, both a serpent and a liar.
Tour d'tangent!

Well I'lll be a filbert busting...
(14 July 1686)
Extant is a letter by Leaf Nets
upon this Pastille day.

I do not think your turd may grow any longer, but
since I found out that in Arabic she's called QMR
I admire the moon more than ever.
Oh the subtle hoop thick paste of eternity!

this is the thumb
sticks to the gums
this is the goldfinger
it pulls the trigger
this is the long finger
scratches the wall safe
this is the nose finger
rubs out the gold finger
and this is the itzy
frankenstein is dancing with the test-tube

thus oblivious of this inhibition that's thinning out our capacity to talk, is born imagination - as a chain of many, of so unaccountably many link;
Ruggles expecting lilacs.
Now I make love alone to the cold stone flag which covers the knife.
Here is an image of the critic.
A mummified potter still clutching the slate upon which a map of the cracks of the conflagration
had been drawn, the cracks in the wall of his prison.

I am not Spartacus.

Tell me
In what country
Is Flora the beautiful Roman
Archipiada or Thai?
is Turdethanaiad

Hysteresis and Memory, a corollary to nature's abhorrence of a gradient.
"I know what you are doing in there, Granpapa!"
Quit putting fungal spores into CHAINSAWS!

 It Happened on 23rd Street