Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pigeons and Bums

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i believe it was in the 'media room'
of heald technical college
i was researching crystal
holographic memory systems
with 1 gig page frame rates
for some paper or other
it wasn't very taxing really
it was like 1995
i wore a tie
there was a vietnamese girl
and a big bruiser guy
outwardly daft
but inwardly quite curious
my favorite part of the day
was before school
i smoked then
and there was an espresso bar
at nordstrom's but outside
and there was a starbucks
across from that and always
pigeons, and a mexican guy
playing trumpet, and b'very badly
there was an american indian woman
homeless victim person w/
awful feet, she was there a lot
there was a slightly sinister reformed
motorcycle gang guy
from philly i would smoke with
and a very nice man, rod, i think
and he was a karate' instructor
but he didn't smoke, but he drank coffee outside
there were several other girls
they were getting free technical school
as part of some program
they had been laid off
from the fender amp or guitar company
its fuzzy now
and there was a russian guy
and he was definitely involved in the mafia
and a bit of an ass but tall and handsome
and funny actually
would always bum cigarettes
it's nice to smoke in the cold
with a cup of coffee
and some acquaintances
i don't miss it, but i miss something