Friday, March 29, 2013

Art and Blogger News from Distant Remote Corners

Discovered Joshua Abelow's ART BLOG ART BLOG whose matter of fact name is only matched by its matter of fact content, which runs exactly counter more or less to what I do, but there you have it, I like it very much. Joshua is represented by SORRY, WE'RE CLOSED in Brussels, which is a city of anti-scenes, I read, where market driven big art aren't the thing exactly, and younger 'headier' artists are actually finding some traction. Well, it all grabbed my reading eye this early morning.

The other art, or post-art, or pre-art related news, is that I have been playing around on twitter some and enjoying it, or at least being able to follow various kinds of people and agencies, and responding. Reading Richard Prince's tweets has been interesting for example, and I must say Christian Bök, and Kenneth Goldsmith have very interesting tweet streams, full of links to delicious, or consternative reading materials mostly which is nice. And yesterday, I even got retweeted by Richard Prince which felt like a coup of a sort, as just being noticed by anyone of that level is a bit of a fluke for me. I suppose there are all sorts of issues surrounding the use these things, but as an enabler for the slurchy phanoflaneurish contemporarely reader, its seems okay, and unlike facebook, every single one of your friends isn't forced to see every object you favorited, or read. That is just obnoxious to me, not that I'm not, but there you have it, kettles and pots.
Here's documentation of my R. Prince retweet along with the 'content'. If nothing else, Twitter, for a writer is a kind of pre-formatted Oulipian constraint. Any given tweet can only ever be just so long.