Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Noriko's Dachsund Vision

But Noriko,
how do you know a singing green
dachsund stretches roundabout the entire
earth with immature horns feathered
in the cries of gamelan lilypads,
those crystal sequins once
tears of wine?

Did you hear the one about
the everlasting protein dream, its succubust
lightning night fire rigged bright, the purple petalled ladders
twisting through cascading liquid windows, clear gelatinous
fangs in disturbed rows, the serrated dawn
maw mooning herald, and for each nostril a golden
frog, so kind, like a softly knotting flute through which
perfume moves, how we clouds hide the peccaries
among the shoreline ferns, our pupils
grunting, satisfied, the pillars of our jealousy
are lousy with humping bats
their faces wild with
eternal glamour,
ali putanyaha..

sadaram.. sky creeeem.
from this high oval portal
pour garlands of butterfly books,
for its voice set to quiver these exposed
and jellied bones, chili garden, silisera,
oh god yeah, chili sheila, my feet are bare,
my bubba are healy, money blood feelin'
bad, my doctor, be a friend...
We're glowing like stupid
in the Parkland Hotel, I lost
my arms last winter
to robotic potatos.

in every room of the house
there is a hole for the body part to enter,
to leaf, the vine in which the sound
subscribes, sebsi tart with young friend, patala,
it's all o soap in notes,
mine cleetu burning,
ning sasha, my wind Ramashay,
you wanna tell ur I do, beng men judu,
o sarafi fool, been naked 3,
these old lamb bowls,
in my caterpillar sleeves,
the leaf jaws rattle lamour, rum chains
allergic to cletes. Is batshit crazy the answer
to cognitive health? Watch me split the world in
half with Tesla Kabanya rotors: My way
wave restore undurgin cherry core,
mach von cigaretten hoben.

sasa win lil, that's ebay,
valhala crater resort folk,
my papa meow,
how do I make golden cows now
if my bird hand weeds are cows sighing,
o young, o young friend 2, will I ooyong,
better store a polo door in my butter cuffed dung,
this dachsund saturn sun is runging me done so fun,
I'll dry my gobbled buns so young them
BAM neuro mapping pasta corn snakes,
dalai llama color manga salons... this beef dirge
splitting atom cattle idols to
etym angling low wyrm uses.

Oooh Bai Buy Bye, Muti Muki, I'm a foundary my Muki..
I'm hooked to my foodclothes for a looong tiiime. It's a lunatic coherent
light source. Slack national accelerator laboratory extrudes emerald donkey
dachsund keyframes into sake', my Muki is a beehive building, chunky gemstone
salsa, play it with a metal chameleon tongue, now the monkey's skin is the monkey's
brain, i'm dancing in jail, my own booty, but jail is a fluorescent protein for sordid
boo yang prism ala rolex vida, oh my sonar is entirely normal, a gemstone 13
motorboat animal, hears that damn muki, i sail a jonki quill, the sand go boom in
luna by doubt ha, come and fear me, mickey nickey prune belt harpoon...
the animal is wood in my ass-heart wookie's dumu growing flute dachsund's uppity
prang rover. I've been so uppity everywhere. I am a soon, a bean dulu hand.
I don't want to see anymore semen, that's a fact, or a horseman formed
of packrats. The real whey is not difficil. It only abhorse
chance, and attouchement. now my floppy bladder club is
a rusty iron chin. Earth is VIP art, and rustic
cabin sin. Even broken off shoe
cookies realize the universality

and for all that, I am your special Turdetani...