Thursday, March 14, 2013

We'll Sit Peacefully Here Together (Possessed)

he suggests revolution, 
much like film-making, 
is an artificial construct, 
driven by displaced 
sexual impulses 

| heart | hands | axe | cliff | kite |
| cane | snowflakes | frog | chair | 
| tin-man | kaleidoscope | lotus | dog | 

"Noise is chaos". 

"Silence is order and harmony."


Cue the jaunty ‘We’re The Dirt Bike Gang’ theme song. 

Self-motivation with exceptional organizational skills

a bitterer, more sardonic joke 
than the romantic's reversal 
of angelic and demonic orders

It is unfortunate that Benthamite utilitarianism emerged to obfuscate 
the central ideas of morphology of a painfully stubbed toe or of the scent
of course, in Doctor Faustus that this uncanny logic is fully explored and
moves with the melt  in a vortex fashion, to the screw channel.

continues resulting and the one-piece
solid bed breaks  into individual pellets
 move with bubbles in the titled process point

to the electrode reaction
with fast and stable discharge be-
cause it is the potential developed for the invest-
igation of higher-order

ideational redox instant-
iated within geopolitical disorgagnarls
 free energy mixed with plastic media
transversal to the sur-
face in intimate con-
tact with the isopotent-
ial point matrix

will promote interaction conditions and the syn-
thesis of hetero-sub-
stitutional resistance assumed by the co-
con- ducting limitation amp-
lifier of the modeling agency's current den-
sity and cosmodic shielding periphery

fun tubes sieve the ohm

The Reality principle. The blowhole roars, and is silence,
wave hale to the lea.

Her name was Leafy Beanblossom.

It's soo reassuuuurrriiinngg.

My n~strewmeant, the furious chicken star, gluckmeister, she's in the directory.

Dualisms, after all, are simply practicalities to enhance the lives of the lay people, no,
I lie (to the lea).

It's time to
farce the music!

King touched the cold child.

Maybe it will help.


a tactic - a calculus which cannot count on a 'proper' 
(spatial or institutional localization), nor thus on a 
borderline distinguishing the other as a visible totality as 
pains to isolate a productive cathexis in boundless space 
and distinguish it from that romantic longing 
which bears the seeds of this homo-epissodic Heteroland..

It doesn't hurt.
-John Ashbery

The day of Tiles.

It isn't a 'bundle of asparagus' any more, Marcel, but rather, a bundle of apps and a spare gust, an asp (pre)-paring a goose (Cleopatra) *. And why would you change the discerning Ephrussi into the narrow minded Guermantes, his name? And why Manet into Elstir?
They've already wrapped the proscenium in prosciutto. shucks.

"Why don't you like me?"
"Okay, I like you."

There is nothing to fear, except God.

That's just an ass maggot. wallet. You smell clean.


I see no difference at all. It's all difference.

Language is too simple, its over-complexity too easy.

You don't have to make love to me, Kangaroo.

Awareness makes us safe.
in Proust's care.

I would now gladly remain at the table while it is cleared.
I have a razor-blade knife.
little ambition.
delicate feelings of delicacy.

So we're trapped here, in other people's fucking thoughts?

Oooh, Bilbo.. Just hide it in your bookbag. See you tomorrow!


"You're scaring me."
{The giant's immense straw hat now held down with stones.)

I'm preparing to be crushed in your footprint. I desire that.

Let's just forget about it.
Unfinished things
are always the most lovely.

daily life. the presentation of the banal as incandescent descent into random memory.

the fundamental decree


Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin 
Still Life with Herrings
[void lattice is self-supposing]

We have been reading a footnope under a microsope,
and hoping it would turn into a novelty.
cool house!
(also 'foopnote')