Thursday, March 7, 2013

sweeping napping crumbs um from its utterly luscious succulents

 Hissing fauna, are 
you the destroyer? Add 
to List by 
Of Montreal (Musical group) ... edit 
-- Sentence of sorts in 
Kongsvinger -- 
Past is a grotesque animal -- 
Bunny ain't no kind of rider -- 
Faberge falls for ... 
 Call Number: 781.66 

The chessmen of Mars

Lady Djed, take touch-seed, take Setesh, the typhonic fox child, the fox-lamb, lambent-kin.
Lady Djed of the djed pillar of vases, faces, verses, farces, arxes, marxes, marshes, take this touch seed, fur note, take this small animal, or hand-dog into your verticality.

the new snoopy

Liber Abaci (Fibonacci) = Liberace (Blockhead)

Christ's lifelong virginity, understood as potency under check, and the first offer of blood in the circumcision, both required acknowledgment of the cinemal genital organ. More than exorcises in realism, these unabashed images underscore the crucial retort of the Inmarcarnagation.

Vibratronic lyre wing w/ psychokinetic control brooch key, darling deliciously, did you happen to start looking at 1930's Maraboma? Foo-shane, lamp-koros, fuffer frilly miroir. dark vine camiosoul.
"let us link in player"

Sherwood Anderson, The Anal Fixer.

"I survived in cornmeal for a hundred thousand years, 
just an ink stain on a sphere of cold thinking masa."

My own private Setesh.
E(20) 'roll over'
we men, william morris, women, moon new
(doors of perception*
poorly hinged.