Wednesday, March 6, 2013

REM's Bat's House (The Owl in the Cradle)

"Work Knew" boss F
send my cup About your boss
F, I in another article about the team trust
some description. He has been learning object,
even idol, is also with me the longest one boss.

Two years ago the M company
three years to celebrate the day, is also a lot of people
ready to leave the day after
(turnover tide story memories of when I want to come back to speak),
and F made a special trip to do a ceramic cup to send
to everyone, then people followed him from
Company B to Company M, everyone has one,
and everyone's cup are not the same, are printed above
the F impression on everyone. My cup side printed
printed the other side. This cup special significance for me, 
I was reluctant to use, and also F concept meal, 
naturally used tea cup with not stood watching. 
F gave me the nickname, team inside a , also known as Steve, 
in order to distinguish the two Steve hard homophonic word 
taken from my name in the World, began to call me
In fact, I do not like to eat persimmons, called persimmon 
is a little resistance, called down only a few years, but also used, 
and others are in fact rarely called I only F would call me up. 
 When I get the cup, see I is throbbing. Hard 
to describe the feeling, is certainly to be known, 
have been looking forward to, a kind of feeling of worth, think 
of the King of the joint following protest leader looking for F 
into the conference room and drinking places, and think 
from the team to do support case will want to F 
how to single out this one to me in so many idioms. 
Feel like when I use this cup tea with the Holy Grail of tea, 
because often allows me full of spirit, hit the foot of the gas. 
That is a good boss and good friend blessing the cup. 
 I'm at home now useless this cup tea (a few days ago 
just to break my cup @ @), and so when I need to, 
a chance to make good use of the fear 
of a child to break.

The King Sweet evaluation subordinate very dedicated 

 Actress Jing Tian and popularity with TV drama "A woman's epic" difficult acting challenge in "My boss Beauty", one played two roles, and starred in a cute, sweet little love and icebergs beauty boss Emma. Wei Yanhao two roles, King sweet often appear everywhere at once, "the feeling:" Sometimes a day shoot I love and Emma play, the King sweet to see in the morning painted red nail polish to play small love, black nail polish and painted in the afternoon turned into Emma. too difficult to adapt ". Package Ken subordinates in the film "like gangbusters," played King sweet beautiful boss but life is from the heart under there secretly worship and adore. Package Ken said, in fact, enter the film three years ago to do a good job of planning, as his big screen debut Package Ken got the idea for "My boss Beauty" can be described as very, very optimistic about the prospects of the film's. Subordinate to this performance, the boss King sweet something to say: "Although Package Ken teacher in the film is always black face, but because the overall plot design and movie comedy style, every time he appeared to have a great comic effect. the teacher judges are more familiar with the image of the audience, you can go and see the movie, will see a different package Ken.