Friday, March 15, 2013

Entartung Forever

Looking at a hand-signed copy of Harry Mathews' 1977 book of poems _Trial Impressions_, a book which as a limited edition of 1000 copies, only had 50 which were cloth bound, numbered, and signed. Printed on Warren Antique by Rosemarie Waldrop. The text is set in Baskerville. The cover is by Keith Waldrop, where Trial Impressions is rendered graphically as TRIAL IM- PRESSIONS, the break in the word being the point of the cover, which is completed by roughly cut figures of collage appropriated from what appears to be Elizabethan era engravings. The first poem of the book is simply a section cut from John Dowland's _Book of Ayres_.

It appears that from that single poem, all the others follow as versions of translation or commentary, sometimes contradictory, but always evincing some form of the basic thematics, even if in coded form:

up to date

keep talking

the wang way

random harvest

unequal odds

a disconsolate chimaera


l'homme mal arme'

of course


multiple choice

male chauvinist



small change


the threat

black hole

to and fro

a woman sings a song called 'the embrace'

to change

the ghost of king james

you make earth earth: who needs heaven?
you give a heat to fire, you give a brightness to air
of that night's stars, of that broadcast faith.

whale fang crab claw (calligraphy tattoo)'s
visio-structural relationality with navel (sub)posing
Freudian ambiguity as cognate to entartung (falling away from "silence")
as cognate with a para-pareidolia of parasitism involving Lethe
trapped inside Aletheia, "to give ethos to la". Ambiguity and Contradiction
= Metabolism and Reproduction.

Degenerativity Forever!
[presenting "gremlin-socket"]:

On 19 August 2012, at approximately 12:30 pm PDT, Scott committed suicide by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the San Pedro port district of Los Angeles, California.[38] Investigators from the Los Angeles Police Department’s Harbor Division found contact information in a note left in his car, parked on the bridge,[39] and a note at his office for his family.[40][41] Witnesses said he did not hesitate before jumping.[39][42] His body was recovered from the water by the Los Angeles Port Police.[1] On 22 August, LA County coroner's spokesman Ed Winters said the two notes Scott left behind made no mention of any health issues,[43] and did not explain why he committed suicide.[44]

Saint Anthony. Monsters.