Friday, March 22, 2013

Why We Don'T Sea Mi (Aim Knot Hirn

first of all the pages hover and their substances are largely transitional and usually the page itself consists only of a text but the symbols mostly long ago seem to have grown together into a grille like a flattened section of flute-like roots and some do sing sucking in by means of microbladder air and colored droplets which always seem to be close to hand and so sections of the pages play like flutes while the color accretes in other sections and grows like a fungus or cancer or feeling or city
or fuzz and the flute song often breaks this brittle fuzz off and it floats sometime flake like sometimes wriggling sometime becoming literal letteral or rootlike or a soft emblem or an emblem flute or a constellation of root flute emblems bridged by taut strings which sing themselves helplessly and noisily like the atonal buzz of wings but sometimes assume a harmony and these travel to other pages or suddenly grow into their own page or suddenly become solid mishapen or smooth and perfect like cubes and fall down through the colored mist to who knows where and the pages move in schools in terse angularities fluting and spinning string and spitting brizzles and thringlogs and pings of progwaerth

the pages look like sections of stiff thin waxy roots and sometimes fanciful leaves form and those leaves mist and if you look close enough the mist itself travels at perfect angles finding crystalline paths in the mist as if the droplets were a staircase or stela for other droplets' kiss and sometimes pages form and they join the constellation and some go to the glowing stack where the pages become closer and begin to link into a pack and rootline themics grap and grow between the pages
letters extruding rootlike into leaf matrice the surface of microflutes or misters suits its odd array and the stacks sometime cascade into arcs or bridges and the themics are hinges and aid the ambulation upon older twisting stacks which hang like hurls of helices and grow vast as continents in the haze and the haze-knots and sometimes pages scroll into boughs and other pages hover there curling and magnetized unable to join their constringency thwarted transubjective impasse and so these boughs grow into radiant and silent explosions consistent and negative their forms are born of attractive dissociation like layers of branching tube and then the pages invade and make micro pages in the interstices tiny stacks and booklets between the layers translating the intranslatable by intelligible unintelligelibility and jellibenes spurt out and anneal into various pages like faux cheloid navels and become chaoloins and beings and furtines and grapheme fuzz sticks to them and grows and makes long fuzzy brittle comet tails of graphemic page seeds of which some are round and triangle and hexagonal and vexagonal and plurogonal and when the colored droplets stick to a root grille page the page becomes rimed or chrimed and when anything new grows it first is called graupnel and it may only be a tiny stiff silhouette which slowly stretches to become a page or even a single letter or icon which may itself become a fluted bough or a leaf stack icon or a choud or a hairy page or lute page trailing flutish fuzz emblems