Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tel Clepe Pen Dost

lord camel van faun (shadow head / lamp / triangle)

then Captain Nemo strode
out from its inner ear pipe fiddle
Alfred Starr Mammyton

think biscuit halt
a laurustine pipe in blossom
with a juniper mouth
in berries

the tongue
a savage pig
soft and green and flowing
smoke like old castles
vine creepoing
up cliffside's elf

ping pong and butter

my new 12 dollar dessert boots

absent the liquid fastidious melting there
and gift
teach of cotton leaf portrait
mucking its swollen flower doughnut crown
in puppets' frown dimples dipped
in labels

Keith Tyson
mute before the great hall of paper
drained elephant head
its kiln folded
a creaking star glasses
foetus in the fin

coming dancing from the foaming scabbard
fuzz or pirate bubble to lift the heavy plate
ferns along the weird testament of its rollback 
metal stomach 
bees to fugue huge bottle

ink attaching itself to the milk
as umbrellas form toward the horn and link in 
desperoon hirnullogy
scornaesthics for crooked shoots
a bald child flirts the bi-plane's hyuumbet

if extra large
dor duck's fat system