Monday, March 18, 2013

Qualis artifex spereo tuga mojito.

dog way / no ney work

know eslopo / nystryru sepalski

In the prisoner's dance, the medusan ganglia must converse wholly with the possibilities of interaction. If shadow smoke head tendril intestine hover, prison puch such chansoneries.

The Drowning of Lucy Hamilton

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Enneagram Type Three:
dark eye horns emblem
nose for seat
and eye horns for handle
ride the hover mask

Vellem nescire literas. Pink copulan, fleshy breast-like egg, red yolk, quotation radiation,
sang Nero: 'easy veins anus' (black brain - black boat)

The History of Grillet's 'Blue Square':
Tune is?

the Roman third style, stylus atop head, crumbling hundcheon, barlrokey, net skirt, schyzygy, a luminous white old man's head to greet you, where it lives in a golden cage lined with blue satin.

spending candid moments with our vivid creations

By the 7th century BC, writing had become an instrument of publicity.
Time as a power of oblivion, oblivious, Simonides.

Now is the winter of our dis' content:
All nations under Caliban.
Nabi Lacky to Spring Break.
Bénard and Rayleigh Systems