Thursday, March 21, 2013

Georges says:

loam of the round chapeau
(his wife a poem)
the circuit steep widdershins

things get turned around
as do (x-do) innuendo (ie: endo)
Child Roland to the dark grotto came
I smell the dark English blood of Hedoponos.
Do not delete me, Meletis.
There's easy Ass King, and assy kisses (askesis).
One golden tablet all is bellsaid T'artar us.

Low level bureaucratic structures : a novel

 D u na Blackers and Hackney-Coachmen going to tlijciii hear their beloved Apo?tle Mi',-. We?ey. Shee- Bootb on Windmill-Hill, Vp er M007-?e! s, to Sizes of Vnder?tanding, going to the Ben;-1-"izzg ple of all Nations, Opinions, Circum?tances and come to ?ee them. Great Numbers of peo- V?e of the Afternoon, when their Acquaintanees ci?e of their 7eas, Sugars, and-Wines, for' the Beaufets, 7ea-Che?ts,-Go.-and- taking great' Ex- of fal?e Keys, opening their M-i?lzre??es Cupboards, ing Apparel. Servant Maids, by the Help- by twelve-penny Har-lots to redeem ?ome wear'- ter-Grue,ls. A krioeking' at pawnbrokers Doors- powders Lotions Draughts Bolui?es and a- pers, and' Vp?tart- Mlechanicks, taking their-lalls,, vinity, Mercers- Aprentices, journeymen Dra- in the", La-wyersClerk's; Studc.-nts in Dil- Fuddlersi in the Afternoon. ,young- o?icers a?de from the goo , for the V?e of conceited" about this Metr-opyi-s, ?etting their bad Liquorsj of the Day. ' L7y-me mo?t notc'd-ptiblick Hou?es all well-di?po?ed Chri ians' the remaining part may take their Seats, End beg -the ,Char-it'y of Lxl?lion, agehcanyigg .llIli:i1(dsS'tof Straw; to orners o t "e' me 'pu ic ree 's t"a-t t' e- ged their Sores and" Vlcers ?o- 'as to move- Corn'-- on their woeful Countenances; and al?o mana- mon near Sydenbam. Beggars who have put', Morning during the Sea?on, on Du?wicb Com- -a-t-t'he Bird's- Ne? Fair held every Sunday A Great Number of people of both Sexes-, ' il-I O V- B VIf.' - If 17 I

le ciel est obscur
comme l'avenir
lest eaten toil sing lalala
to my comment on the sea
mais comment les voir?

What do you want to do with it?
All hope of greenness tis a brute must walk,
and Syntaxis your lucid Kafka Jesus.
Oh see their poppy heads.
See their Incan innards.
See their mummy language
crying from a fiercely flowing kite-stalk,
a spark badger built as a bladder flower censor lantern.
fyrewerks. gloss.
The great vessel is built, its story
the sparkle.
[traffic in crazed union with photonic gush]

And so Freud's vision
of armless legless Bodhidharma
as a dark DONG of proud crude oil
surfing an avalanche of Baudelairean elves
through a minstrelsy of deep blue umbrella intestines,
a gigantic umbrella accordian caterpillar
wrapped like the world snake around a green brain
framing anything [he wants to fail, they whispered from
their dark towers above the thrippy street pongue]

One. stiff. blind. horse.
his every bone Astair.
Stood stupefied.
hovever. he came there.

The Chinese is finished. He doesn't have a bad trumpet. I would have liked to play it for you. I'm after the American dancer. That's going pretty well, you'll see.
The rag is in good health.
Baron Medusa rendered as a sublime monkey by Erte'

It is unavoidable the touching of the fabric across its chest.
Quest romance like owl strings to mole holes.
Stubb's Pegasus, as the
diagram of a celestial poem:
carcass and ruckus

They are lines drawn in admonition.
How the grasshopper came to have an urchin's head
in the mind of a fly
in the midst of a bed.

and Full of Great Fossil.
Boris Vian. Huron or Mohican
Blue Jaug Ur Knot.
Chaos' relational aesthetics beyond
distinguishing determinations.
Minimalist Cladograms.

moth man sentence

Now enter my institution.

courtesy of beef
highland carsu
and frogs as big as chickens
dripping with golden beetle nut.
and to spring about in palms.

the cap fake quirlidon tutoyed at birth
with its semi semiotical lack of calls
questioning quarling
and quickening

In Belgium, Duchamp only asked Arensburg for a hundred dollars for his mustached Mona Lisa.
We do not know about Bosch's money troubles, or joys.
But Albrecht Dürer spent evenings dining with gun makers.
Do this make a pleasant performance?
I stood here all day long just gathering light for sugar.
"She has a great ass."

1973.  Homeric.
On the news they show some stuff to do.
And some people doing it.

the is a word called "book"

The last of the genies fell from the bottle
like a dull red fist with luminous knuckles
but the bottle lived on
as Chesshire Halo
for Hobbits and Quarks
and Star Treks
"Buylbo Braggends"
I'm trending again to 1937 Hollywood.

What choice do I have?
This is deep Austrian Mysticism.
Among the Navajo.

I looked all day for pictures of nude lady sea captains.

Pollock as a Metonymy upon deep structure as disordered instances of crystalline hierarchy posed vaguely, or whatever.

Imagine if suddenly all Museums were renamed
with lucky coca bomba
(cukes or nukes, the number is always hell-heaven)

I watched Kenneth Goldsmith's lecture yesterday.
I liked it. Finally the 1970's is back in style,
but my wife still thinks he has an incredibly annoying voice.
His voice so angered her, I was forced to wear earphones.
I find that charming. She prefers loud Cello,
with a dash of early Kinks.

Vincent Price
Georges Perec
inside a woman named Olga
living in

She says:
John Cage must mic a fly
tapping on a tympanum
stretched across a wooden torus
made from a bent oak trunk.

Vincent says:
Evermore Locarno.

Georges says:
On Louis a Crash, a surf's on pair of breezy...