Sunday, March 13, 2011

Amproficial Fife Lull

moppy the floppy hair paddle head
carved jet in sinister circus
sieved sand through
wiggling shrimp mail
and begat
a trued wheel

and moppy began to feel
like shrimp mail swimming
upstream in sand jet
(w/ sandjets)

and by then
the floppy hair paddle had needed
wheels tis true but sand
wheels ever limp seemed sinister
where the circus broke out
to sea hair
circus came and went
in a jet of sand

jet hands sea mail
was true

the true shrimp hand
was banned
in several countries
and moppy
feeling floppy
said jet tail mail sand
tis true floppy sinister hair
circus sieved hand through
and would brew hair jets
where what went jet
begat moppy and
sieved the wiggling

such hands of sea sieves
should jet
more feeling

when massive shrimp zeppelins arrived
their segmentalized propulsion kinetics
showed miniature inflatable hands at the joints

Doctor Terwiggletour
had had his statements trued
All Hands Lead to Rome

glorious to see
the 400 yard long antennae
palping the lighthouses
of brie
the sand jets
spewing shrimp mail and hands
all reaching for their friends
at the joints in the segments
of the shrimp zeppelin

some sand-filled mail hands
using jet shrimp mail sand propulsion
might reach
the emerald green shrimp zeppelin

Dog ore mods.

What mod ore is more brightening
than loose?

When DOGTOZ head zeppelins mohawked in inflatable hands
hold shrimp mail sand jets

what are all reaching sands to sea?

there are many joints
in the segments
and so

smaragdine shrimp zeppelins
pass through mile high shojis
of pristine pulp membranes

on their way
to roaming

roaming this fair isle
of sand jets