Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Totallly Helpless in Naples.

The half mile deep
canal will be built
by a global pandolem
of the dispossessed
into the heart of the sahara
to allow the creation
of the Nato supported
heart throb (suppo-suppresse)

Stirnerite Cave Fax
Excelsior Globular

If fishing village anarcho-primitivism
renders Breton like totally

"Our primitivism will whomp down like
stylized networks whose rendering
proceeds out like lightning from a single point
illuminating the intire sourface
like a tree in winter
armored in phosphorescent sea snow

owl ice cream
inhabits pineapple shapped
echinoderm heads

with care for haul.

weed haul awl kinds of things
out the new saharan ocean
many were pirates
turned gill things in the sunshine
of your love

odette howled
onward in to the confused planets
humanism needed no theoretical support

it proceeds by libido
stupidity or what the uninitiated called desire
before Breton's 'great recall'
of all the faulty ideologues
and or supperclubs
for tongue-foots

I've given my life to creating a better world for the living image,
but now the living image has taken everything I held, crushed it,
remade it, but with poor taste and even poorer intelligence.

The world is crushingly successful, but
ugly, kind of okay, but rather tacky.

Molecules still seem interesting,
but the audience aren't worthy of any really
interesting feats anymore.

If you tell them a cylinder represents
'the universal conduit of experience'

they laugh and make phallus jokes
even though you've provided them
an entree' to a vista beyond good and evil

you've placed them living
into death
and they are still

playing pool with chicken's foot
knuckle extendors

There is no winning.

Aesthetics reminds us that
in both 2001: A Space Odyssey
and Blade Runner

There were public video phones.

People are not honest enough
to ever adopt private video phones.
not publicly.

TPC has developed a "modern electronic miracle", the Cerebrum Communicator (CC), a microelectronic device that can communicate wirelessly with any other CC in the world. Once implanted in the brain, the user need only thinkof the number of the person they wish to reach, and are instantly connected, thus eliminating the need for The Phone Company's massive and expensive-to-maintain wired infrastructure. (The operation of the CC is shown in animation that parodies the animated sequences in theBell Telephone Science Series television programs.)

The catch is that, for this to work, every human being will have to be assigned a number (instead of a name), and the CC prenatally implanted. Dr. Schaefer is "requested" to assist TPC by blackmailing the President into pushing through the required legislation.


The first critics
did not love the new Neronia,
but Nero existed