Monday, March 28, 2011

Too Fake, Too Phenis

now and then within the fountain
a certain row of eagles would pronounce
the stain

talon grown from a bow
the arrow an endless vein


water fails to erase
mongoose adelaide scepter

the teptrum vad yovine
the minner spoo doff thox

cotton ginny
ripe boll hexpress
Pierre Gringoire
Verum, sine mendatio,
certum et verissimum
Au coeur de miracles

sunt fomits veneratione
heck defuge
salute Eris

as did

Bacchus and Ariadne
in the wedding
of Vulcan and Aglaia

for the generation of the gods
has no unruly ornaments

when total hirnamentalism
is perceived
the fool comes

like a coney
in the vowell

ornée de trois figurines posées


immer ald

em herald

the immer-ald tube-let

Finice, Kaspi, Duran.