Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broken Bow / Positive / "I'm Voting For Him, Monster."


its charred lees shine
the need

chordata illuminata
lichtungdulata irraw

weary awe
how like a stretched mandible
unhinged is a vaulted cathode

how like a muzzle
a prismatic muzzle

the tilted gesture
their decorum adness

has sapped
the sign

the sign leads deeper in
to a more shallow domain

to snakes with mohawks of bouncy superconductive bucky balls
to spherical successive cities hovering above
a massive mechanical movement

a monument to movement

animal as ode to signal


The enemy is nothing but a sheen
all of these sad trolls

are like the successive waves of demons
Mara unleashed upon the Buddha
and we are mara-buddha-demon-hordes too

and oof of pi

noof to nous
or n-sided

they have not seen
into the gnawing awe

eye awe gew gaw

the depulsion and rawing

the syntaxivortex

the xet of reve's shatness

once facial expressions were called


and we are that carbonation of the quantum foam


ghosts flow into shirts
then out

and the clattering of skulls
is like a song of castanets
along a rushing river of tears

a rock-star is
like a cool glass of water

sweating beads
in nameless orders

But look how bored
is Sardanapalus
look how silent
and secret our

Narred damp polis
at the top of the tower of babylle

the archer's bow
has suddenly


chirality allows
no masters

only sad old eyeballs.