Friday, March 25, 2011

Dirty Water in a Jar.

Howard Stern my
blonde animal playground

smoke pipe to lay
bargain capsule

"Old Judge"
You like Howard Stern
as dowry pond open
only on Sunday?

Blonde tadpole
tiny silky yeti fish
i say

have any memory
of pipe in telephone?

Howard Stern
werewolf nun
pondscum pipe tobacco?

"Old Judge"
is rough blonde nipple pipe
callous for shoe
but coming only
onto Pharaoh
for calendula shaving
harebell options

all of options in the world
is "Old Judge"

You seen Howard Stern
baby blonde tadpole hiding
in telephone dudeen?

give it a wack.
the unity of the avenger
is the image of a horseshoe
mounted on "Old Judge's"

He's grief in luck
and blond pond mellow.