Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fluxus does Syntaxis. I stake it to Conceptus, Scrap-bouche style.

Alison Knowles has alchemized found objects into art for nearly five decades, but she’s always paid particular attention to beans and shoes. Why? In a recent (and excellent) essay published in Art Journal, the art historian Hannah B. Higgins drew this response from Knowles (Higgins’s mother): “A pair of shoes is very important for everyone.” The Fluxus doyenne was discussing one of her task-based and mutable event scores, Shoes of Your Choice, 1963, in which audience members are invited to approach a microphone to talk intimately about their footwear. In Knowles’s latest solo exhibition, an astute ode to strolling, shoes seem to speak for themselves––and just as simply.