Monday, March 28, 2011

Drinkbell's future-proof futureness.

Ye Songe mess with note .
on ye morne yereftire at Sanct .
The Red Gurnard. The French call it Marrude .
A dauncing Tregetour was acting and counterfeiting .
certaine gestures that were commonly and usually taken up .
Wormewood Stone hearts tongue, Blessed thistle, and Sea Trifoly .

a fleshy cellphome now to take up
Trendelenburg('s) position
upon the controversial

From A. H. Tubby's Deformities
Trendelenburg's sign is this:
If the patient stands on the affected limb
and flexes the hip of the second side
the pelvis slips downwards on the sound side .

And all this while waiting for things to grow;
Linnaeus at his trissett table
with a priest
or some other victim, pelvis to sound
the sturdy specium, and the
earth hall lens to which all comes following
a crooked peece of tymber,
tearmed a Knee, or Futtocke

whose tendress looks always
the stranger
twin living snappers
in vertical baskets
upon its ears
and trained
to help the hay-strings

image by John Wesley