Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sorry For all the Morass.

There is one single parameter which allows me to call humanity a disease, and that parameter is its everburgeoning growth, a growth whose control is based solely on a lack of control. Or to stay out of that thicket of paradox, one could say, since empty space is the norm in the universe, then our something, is in fact,
a symptom of disorder. 

But just why the earth doesn't look more like German Visionary Architecture of the 1970's
is anyone's guess.

My guess is that since intelligence has no demonstrable purpose in this universe, blunt stupidity will prevail because it doesn't care, and doesn't even really think.

We are at the dawn of a new age of


wherein things that look and sound like thinking will be enough
for them to be called thinking, and in point of fact this is true

because thinking is nothing other than a form of picture making
and when image have no purpose

one picture is as good as any other.

The whining and excuse making will continue, but unless the earth comes together as a

great work

a single omen of structure

there will only ever be

a seething morass (which is as good an emblem of "a single omen of structure"
as any other)


politics is aesthetics
because people are just pictures
to one another
and when image multiplication
becomes grund

each image's value
can only go down

less human images
more human value

simple economics