Wednesday, March 23, 2011


the white lyre stood firm
and tall
like an election

buddy with flippant frippery
its veiny syntagmeoist terulibarns
shivered with a pe-articulate peasure

velvet colored pelvis bones
stack a centipede
to a desk

penultimate husk
said spheroast
storing rote nous
in sounds so supple
and supplicant

a peen must touch every
jobab while the hursh
truces to foo

o spherical branching radiances
you who must be baloon apartments
in the morning of the gabula

pelvis balloon helmet
lift me until all the sky
is a patio balcony

orrery cup
to buca inna cuppa
jobab touching heiney haul
all rhino du

sleep faun ammo eba
dappled deer fern sac so silent
and quivering on the back
bambi as a spider beard
on a disembodied head
so queer

honeyeth clover

o green brain of hovering clover
soft where the cool wind comes out
and smelling of purple wisteriamasa

purple faun deep quaivering nipple deer
purple nipple deer
fawning ammo headed eba

eba queer with tele
telo bearded faun du deen
spider skins of honey clover

white lyre
to tower over
here lies a beast
the bestly hymn


two purple girl childs
to huge the vodder where
the sad breaking gum

pleasant wide grin
all purple

amoeba gum to teeth its pelvic balloon helmet apartments
green glass spider apartment to hang from the any odd

grass along the snake cabin's bulwark
the whole cabin snaking through the grasslands

chimney by chimney
by stony raised platform

red ocher nub
deep red thumb

a herlad on the prayerie