Friday, March 11, 2011

Desire Caught By the Tail

From my cage, age without foundation, I thought
tale, penis, dogs get stuck fucking (or logos twined)
and a lion knows no bounds, but
interviews~ anything
can happen-

In Cherry Lane where I was born
there were a lot of Cage pieces,
and Cage was appreciated by
the visual arts crowd, and a little
by the poetry crowd, but the musicians
did not care for him much
you know-

Neo-classicism and the 12 tone
little night musics they preferred, and
it was shocking how much abuse
Cage weathered, I'm your cage, said
to the Island is subjected to a
range of criticism and abuse
that is shocking even in hindsight


I saw a dog painted like a Monet.
I saw a money dog, too.
I saw some action collages, but they were
really old, out of touch, just tachisme, I guess
laying around

in neo-classical bird cages
these are meat news papers
shaped like penises
or dogs
or Einsteinian spaces
where nothing had a boundary.

Isn't that stupid.
Why would writing pretend to be painting?
Why would words just be marks?


"Desire Caught by the Tale"
is the name of a Picasso play
written during his lifetime.

I don't own a piano.
I certainly don't own a grande piano.

Why do they change the ie to y
when it goes from die to dying?