Wednesday, March 23, 2011

pedalbits potsi pi estonyed

and lay there astonyed in thou3t
astonyed by its confounding lithairgropy
so that the hike oop oval
long bileng wa tu fano nuba roho

and lay there where brackeen tu
oop bubble the primordial coupling
lame a dihar head muhel
poke in the whiny wal

if fid du uden nedu dunudu een
yakima trick el the taker of partridges
with a tunnel where the tunmoot was laid in
astonyed by its think brown eye

a vibrant bronze eye
sated but stared out from
its hundchibached skoli
flutes of bruised sea came
alurching astonyed fromnitheen
tvu obverfal the curdling wentimest
inside its hedsax all shiny black wheels
of frogs sucking herals sostynege and bore
doun all the derid hems stoneyed dark and ded
before the lore's think bround ass
ide give an eye taks for that bund
that high eye in my ass would owl me sure
beak of harl light my bird arm grapy with thirnils
whut in derkness would a stoneyed maiden
made, it marked its soon matwoo

grapy the hundchibached
and out from doggymounded estone
deeds po temple mannynge
a menaunce of endless fyre
and a swengis of reason

grape hund
dunagarp fer gandufar
gid gortel in its stony

a tiliast
tuned to estonia
a fogle all stony pai strode

phony pi stone

algucellis and sted
oh your hirn like a plum
yurn domned ald
magenta roastin bit
yer seethin soft yella bit
yer plum roast
yer hirn thumb
yer gladiola hund

what did ye wantoin, eh?
the green and lilibached elephountain
salf sobmorged

its whole body is a green and wringled toe

toe wherre?
all i see is fyre glad to be fyre
and air glad to be heir

you can use a good new skull
dear gladiolahund
grapy arms
grapy wind toes
to take the cable cur
to estonya

plum reckin dongle foo'd...