Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mogur's Lompi Skarutchi

ogliapretooni mars syn vet o canard my tull mit mussen klutz
cult vying for wood blanca ankh thrust tout meine froun rush
its pipeworked sponge units for unity into many century oval
cave harness frying delight no delectable stamen twisting habia

ripe ripe bunion

holding the top of her head
while the thrusting began
pipeworked sponge units
evoked a kind of unitary war
of ice cold emerald roses
worn like a mane around
her luminous face about to speak

sponge unit,
you hoo ha ve ho he
hela hula hevo haha hano wa na
sponge unit

sponge unit,
your heiny lip mouth profondo

the deep canal of emerald roses
may find your sponge boat floating
onward into bliss

sponge boat
your heat stork fog
your forking mandibles oglia
pretooni mars
rope and whirling candelabras
toss flaming candle balls
into the wrink gurg sponge pits

sponge stork heat
bassing profongo
the deep white wood canal
where sponge stars weep emerald hoses
should yonna you onto buliss
may you fiond your
pink sponge boat hand hands drilling
in sympathy
for stork fog

deep toxin
talksin all about the hole man
whirling candle ball suit your vertox
said stork hands sponge bass
where a wrink gurged up
a sponge chandelarba's
emerald rose inlay
into wood noise storks

be a klutch
a klutz cult hiding cargo
into sponge bassooons whose
inside out pony ornamental drive planes
shed such leg stork bassing foprongro
deep toxin nits peed on a sponge unit's
gurged up sponge mask stork fog sympathy

can you sympathy
a sponge of hard emerable stork stares
ball connote candle horking far unit's
bassing mouth parable

its sponge head's stamen twisting klutch of fog planes
has unified the wood

do you want to see ogliapretooni as a white rose furred caterpillar
whose green emerald sponge face says
stork fog
ornamental drive prayer
pony player
bassoon kissing thing
toxin nit weed klutz
sponge wood bliss instruments

do you think ogliapretooni comes apart at the roses
sponge storks kissing bassing twisting
white fog apple instrument full of pony muscle candelabra
mouth of sponge apple stork fog bassoon
emerald prayer player

rose thing unit bliss of instruments
fog now strewn

big sponge lips
go down over sponge corona boat
tox need wit klotz

bong apples carved meretriciously
by nit weed talksin
ogliapretooni said

hole sponge giving infinite radial strings
of forking emerald sponge stork
shont dell arborazzzz

zaro bra
lead nosh poggin