Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Geronimo of Gondwana, a strange and bugley bird

bread helmets
melt into sunrise

long panini raisins descend
on bulbous
giraffe head like pastry ovens

expression is important
yoink yoink
these grave unfathomable tokens

sin fleury
asin fleury

fin slurry
his lorry
able can
no can walk so London
no Jamaica
back quake coyote'

expression is important

road ribbon
fin slurry hideout

acme able can
his lorry
arriving at absolute

black plane
1 inch tall
60 inch wide
400 inch long

single red iron chicken
head replaced with crystal ball

blonde nazi gypsy
bad airport luggage smell

i see the two men
in the shadows
airport drug deal
skinny yellow bird legs

i see the flowering plough heads
the lorry goes underground
to glove factory

doubles as a shrine
for rubber beards
the sacred 'farting beards'
of ancient china

i see two men
in the bright sun
one is made from skinny daisies
the other
a wooly mammoth tied into a not
with a big bow-tie made of snot

an iron earthworm attends
the slow banquet
of the centipede table

over plates of purple grass
rubber beard farts
make yellow bird