Monday, March 7, 2011


honorable surface, i tease you
to reform your ways

your fishstick fingered chin
always dipping red honey
from the lantern

your chin
a war pen

honorable surface, i tease you
come tease up your hair face into mad
vellelelelelelelelell ulu ulu ulluloo

your fishstick fingered chin
now glad
to make a red nippled antler vinyard
of the dead

going on into volkswagon again
your slumber
is comic

when money wakes up
the dead cities of the plain

plainsmen weep
among so many
thrippy dresses
fish rocket overhead

i tease you, honorable surface

you stand there silent as a window mull
and say simply

'mullion horse, mullion brew,
my favorite pillbox, my favorite
stew, archaeoptics!'

and hold up three fishstick chin fingers
showing their red lacquer nipple nail aureolas

honorable surface,
you are like a cow lick

a chao-licht!

your name is the bright mud that descends
from a universal bosom of infinite inequalitease

i see your suave solar body (through Madame Blavatsky's racial lens)

like a sun, a panther, and Dionysus made one
and with three crispy fish-stick fingers
on your chin

Oh crispy fish bearded one!

Our sad people have erected a striped silver skin flag
and we mull about in this insane prison stupified!