Wednesday, March 2, 2011

shooki's lament

and the tooth tree
with all its koala dentists

the rooster
with its chicken covertible

i have yet to see
a plexiglass fedora
with a black scorpion
sitting inside
on a bald head
tattooed like a landing pad

tooth tree
with orpheus chicken koala lyre leaf dentists

rock drill guitari

"he plays that damn rock drill til dawn"

digging gold nuggest
from the ass of an ass

from a diamond goat hole
erupting blue cheese

Vienna, please

a sausage of crystal chandiliers
the images

darting around inside
like fish-whistles
blowing out the word

made of bubbles

and four kissing fish zeppelins
make an x
in the sky

and jazz ganesha sits at the crossroads
in the open air

trunk modified
into a lightning's loom of fingerless whistle hoses

how like a nautili
is this strange silent panic
of unguarded impulse

how like a spray-paint can
is time