Thursday, March 10, 2011

foudatzapella nart

all manner of unrestrained, ~
as if its nakedness
could be

be disarming

conscious dew
zip free
from form
or tree
its mind from labels
to forming
all manners

or unrestrained

zipping free
to view
the conscious dew
from form
all mannerist form
is form
from dew
its mind does labels
all manners reforming
as if its nakedness

were a weapon

protocognostive odalisque hand
candor's gender
as the glove of humming bees
for all manner
of honey hands
dew ring

dew concussion
from form
drop free
from being
all manner of nudity
its mind

dews labels

morta bella
bels amics ben essenhatz
nescis als fatz
e duitz e savis als membratz
bee drop
from form
its mind ar est morta bella foudatz
e iocx de datz
edoncey donkeys

from joglar
to jugulary
to jocular
to juggle

the conduit
dews labels
its minds drop from
form the naked be
from them to me
for you
its nakedness
is a weapon

armless on the wall
its joke
an art

its arms zip free
from arm holes
to bee

its modernist chair
seems darker
bound up
in unrestraint

cheese pressed in a hole
for a marquetry
as green laid nude among
the bee hands

its mad, any-gesturing dew
to arm the art

or noun