Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hair

'I am Lautreamont' he cried
and the tears were doll heads
driving motorcars

When she was young
all her violence
was contained in images

then later
in people

the king of the empire
[memory loss]

my golden foot scepter
is disappearing

[scene of furniture shooting out of the windows and doors]

in slow motion


in felt

with rabbits sitting on top

with solid silver


that see the


[splursh, spwosh, hungrrrnym, minoumn]

war is social sculpture

bolitics is applied piology
[follicles within the crust]

Versailles treaty, or

AI retrovirus?

otherwise known as


[What are years, in Venice?]

horse tapping.

El Cid for celled,
and orichalchi for
chaldean orchid:

In R.D. Laing,
the final mad(e)ness
is reasoned, for
as with Earth, there
is no intentional obscurity,
only actual, or

two beaming knot destroyers,
dig ordia.