Friday, March 18, 2011


supersocket (cush)^

e ma tremaire and
makes the air tremble
with light

ema tremblair
its disco geometry
light speakers

and linda blair
some say
we shouldn't have
her there
in her demonic form

she's a jack in the box
beside the door

wouldn't that be
incredibly creepy
and funny
at the same time

the stealing of the tremare
last night not casus bellorum
but roaming the halls
of the palace of Caserta
the "bella casa"
in our fine knight's sleeping armor
made of viscoelastic memory foam

we can sleep anywhere
we can hang our bodies
like grubs
over the shoulders
of Actaeon

and the entire cascade
is filled with jellybeans
and a thousand stags
wearing special tether harnesses
pull an immense round inflatable balcony disk
and fountain

where a costumed ball is going on
to commemorate the opening of Ferdinandopoli
and its satellite version of the
Orto botanico di Padova and the continued
veneration of the semplici

guests dressed as living versions
of Arcimboldo's Vertumnus and Flora
mingle to the odd sounds
of Abyssinian harp and row upon row
of miniature porcelain harpsichords
played by an ingenious hydraulic circuit
begun by the smashing of a frozen rose
on a single near invisible string.

The string is for none other than
Gaetano Filangieri's