Monday, March 14, 2011

Venus Silver Agha Portions

gash calliope gruesome odd each composition of sod
requires three expert cutters working in supreme coordination
before a quixotic and flaming humanoid steam monkey beast
stomping out beauty in a

fumph fumph
ffffumppo funf

how or why then
do cities bea calm more magnetic
abstract throon

any seizures?
any escalators positioned so as to penetrate massive stone lions at an angle
dancing girls engogo a wall of stone curls
we're journeying down into some kind of

hell of shopping
because its heaven

English Satire
And the End of the World

"Robert Tele"

Buca di Beppo

when success is lacking
wan is increased

as wan
is the opposite
of elan

so too is poetry
the opposite
of money

but those not neith
little Toby

something akin
to rubberized diction plates slipping casually
in the view
of the lava fields

purple lava fields
and these ambiguous people in tricrones
the backs of their heads so hollow
and hummy
with power supply fan

now then
a bartender may have a lake frozen
for atmosphere
before he sets up

a bartender is our
kind of wild friendly dictator
of service

even we get chills
when the gallow's neon
emits a curly


broken glass branches hover
and we tiptoe across into another part
of the illusion:

the poor have other wealths?
the rich have other poverties?

We stick up these trick windbags around town
to see which way the human leaves will blow around them..


Language itself is an evil Gestour,
A being beyond expression's summation,
but not much beyond a certain boundary


The Priest takes Venus Silver Agha Portions
for hisself
and leaves you the

sad sentiments
without the lucid

green glass anatomies
where the bunny snakes
play their own perfume beak bong trumpets
to delicious and aimless

all of space
its taint

and imphanity.