Friday, April 21, 2017


 a few years ago feet or love
 stretched white
 or any color (octagonal tiles of soft sea foam or hiss)
 into the storm

 that the child siren
 may be absorbed
 into old paphos
 is one end game
 (like duchamp into the amazon)

 is to take the blank
 and delirious bat
 and make an audience
 before the perfumed
 and triumphant genie
 to offer

 here is my wish (my bat)
 in which case she will place a string
 made from a miraculous thread
 at your service

 and though silent
 if this thread should pass
 through silence
 there will in fact
 be sound

 this state of affairs
 is roughly the same
 as touching one's feet
 to the surface of the child siren
 at the moment it begins
 its absorption into the town of paphos
 and gives the effect
 'the feeling'
 of pushing a heavy boulder
 softly of course
 into a great orb of fog
 with very little effort