Friday, April 21, 2017


 calmly kiss
 the advantage whose
 sphinx in a diving helmet's
 obscured and brittle riddle
 may certainly perform as well as
 any rising bubble's surface
 when remotely embroidered
 with a single continuous arabesque
 of even more finely quilted microbubbles
 their pattern of alternating
 long and short capsules
 performing roughly cognate
 to the syntax of morse code
 and whose meaning is purely decorative
 when taken as a whole

 but is any decorative riddle
 ever moral when the capsules
 of its stitches contain the spark
 of being?

 is then the decorativity
 of the riddle of being
 more morose than
 the sphere of its
 purely sphinx-like

 is it roughly cognate
 that the encoding
 of a calm kiss
 might rise to the the surface
 of any given morass
 as a sickness
 removed from any advantage's
 serene riddle
 performing then
 as a goal?

 why is a riddle a game
 instead of a sphinx
 wearing a quilted bubble
 for a diving helmet?