Friday, April 21, 2017

spring 1912

 spring 2017
 the bottle of pernod
 should tang dynasty
 jade coloured blood
 the android makes noises
 in the leafy shady overlit
 delta of the simmering networlds

 whan shaving androids groom
 before the harsh disk
 of the wandering cathemes
 grubs hover
 in the angular nostaglia
 of illuminated post-cubist data fog

 spring is awake
 and tears the flesh of millions
 in a soft atomic oblivion
 of nameless shifting
 reservoirs of idyllic
 post-retro sublime

 the artefact is querulous
 when pernod the vampire green jade
 of its wholly tang uprising in silk
 this spring and all madness sale
 sets off for the barbary
 all pirates in international cleavage

 the raw diamond of being
 remains cleaved
 and cleaved remains
 remain cleaving still
 until the optic refractionary principle
 is the true analog
 of ideology madness
 the still slow waters
 of infusion's infection's

 hard callow spring innocence teeters
 on the shifting impressionist edge-line
 and dyes
 wake boarders form the funereal thiassum
 top hatted surfers
 give their barnaby quill howls
 the names of baby owls

 an armor made of prism'd stalag-mites
 grounds the torrid circuit plane
 while written lenses
 shift the drifting herd mind
 its glissando epicene
 obscene with motion

 great bag head
 great bag head
 our best unlimited brothel

 greasing the weird axle
 whose wheels are wire scrawled
 diadem heads shedding bags

 shredded bag spring worms
 the armor alone
 emerges from the data pupa
 its wheatstone bridge arcing

 tidal fairy
 glassine day bed
 young transparent locusts
 seek the frothing emblem
 in hands of jade lava

 one basilisk high on a cliff
 vomits its spring air
 into the random and mirky jostling
 the vegetal variegated star macromolecules

 their stoned high shoe is tower ivory disorder
 očumím acumen
 cement sumentaa seminal
 any hydride jackalling
 for spring's atteso